Below are some F.A.Q’s for you to read through if you are running into any issues.

If the information below doesn’t help you, please use this form to submit an issue report.

The video I am trying to watch won't play!

There may be one of several reasons this could be happening. If the player does not show an error like “404: File not Found” or “M3U8 Playlist Missing” then it may be best if you check to make sure your browser and operating system are up-to-date. Our videos will only play on HTML5 compatible browsers and devices.

If you still have issues with a particular video, please click the FLAG button under each video, This will open a support form. Please fill out all of the information, and we will investigate.

What is compatible with the website?

ALL Desktops:
Windows XP SP2+, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard +
Linux Base Distros (Tested with Debian 7 Wheezy and up)

Google Chrome: Ver. 50.1 +
Mozilla Firefox:   Ver. 35.0 +
Microsoft Edge: Ver. 41.0+
Internet Explorer: Not Supported
Safari:                Version: 7.0+
Chromium Version 46.0.+ (Please install pepperflashplugin-nonfree)


iOS Mobile: iOS 7.1+

Android: Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) +

Please See Below for DVR Requirements

How do I use the Live DVR Feature for your live streams?

We have the ability to provide our visitors the ability to rewind and rewatch our live stream (both our Cable TV Stream and Live HD Sports). Currently, the last 190 minutes of our live streams are available for viewing. If you are on a desktop/laptop you can navigate to the Live Stream, and then use the progress bar at the bottom of the player to seek back to the beginning of the stream.

If you want to switch to LIVE view, click the LIVE button next to the player transport controls (Play/Pause). This will take you to the LIVE portion of the broadcast, but you may still be able to scrub backwards.

The stream may take some time to load.

Error: "Cannot Load M3U8: cross domain access denied"

If you see that error, it could be one of two things.

  1. If it happens in multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and/or Safari it is most likely a problem with your firewall blocking access to our streaming ports. (TCP: 443). Ask your system administrator if you are allowed access to Ports 80 and 443 for streaming & multimedia playback.
  2. If it ONLY happens in Internet Explorer, but works in other browsers, it’s a security setting that must be enabled. Please go to Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level… -> Miscellaneous -> Access data sources across domains -> Select “Enable” Alternatively, you could just try using another, updated, browser.

If none of those work, drop us a note with all the information about what video you’re watching, the error, and system setup you have for us to diagnose the issue.

Error: "404: File not Found," "No Sources Found" or "M3U8 Playlist/Manifest not found/defined"

If you see this, odds are there’s a snafu on our end. Please report the video and let us know the exact issue you are having!

If this appears on the Live Sports Stream, and it is not a game day, it is because we are not broadcasting anything.

I really liked a video, can I download it?

Yes you may! For security purposes, we do not publicly link videos for download. Submit a request to us, and we will send you a dedicated link from our cloud server to download the video you want in a compatible format.

TED Talks, NASA TV, or any other non-Springfield videos seen on SETV are not available on our site. You must go to the original content provider’s site to download.

I'm trying to watch the Live Stream on my phone, but it won't play

We have done our best to make our stream available to all devices with all connection types, but there may still be some issues.

Our high-definition content plays best on WiFi or LTE networks. If you are using a mobile device on 3G or 1x/EDGE network, you will experience slow performance, and grainy quality. If your connection drops below a certain threshold, only Audio will be available.

If you are on WiFi and are still having issues, please contact us to diagnose the issue.

The video stopped or is a black screen, but I hear audio. What's up with that?

This happens because your connection quality has dropped below a certain threshold. For slow connections only audio will be played.

This is a really cool setup, what is powering all of this?

That’s a good question. We built a unique in-house solution to provide the district with unlimited streaming and Video on Demand capabilities.

Our content delivery network is powered by Wowza Streaming Engine running on a custom built linux machine stored in our rack at the SETV office.

Our website is powered by WordPress using a customized theme and various plugins. We are hosted by InMotion Hosting.

As of March 1, 2018 we currently store 9.1 Terabytes of video archives for the District spanning nearly 10 years.